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Visit the Central Group
of the Azores

Visit the Azores in an unique way, the Sea Adventures team planned the perfect circuit so you could enjoy your 8 days in this wonderful archipelago.

In this package you will have a dream trip through 4 islands of the Central Group of the Azores, visiting Terceira, Faial, Pico and São Miguel, including their best and most famous attractions.


  • All the transfers and accommodation
  • Tour guide in every island
  • Entry in paid entrances
  • Every tasting and breakfast buffet
  • Every touristic tax and IVA


Arrival in Terceira Island (Lajes Airport). Hotel Transfer, Dinner, Night Walk in the World Heritage city – Angra do Heroísmo.
Day 2. TERCEIRA ISLAND (Around the Island / Praia da Vitória City)
Breakfast Buffet. Around the Island Tour with passage through Porto Judeu, Cabras Islets (Volcanic Origin Natural Reserve)
Contendas Bay (Avial Protected Zone), trails through the old wreckage of Santa Catarina de Mós, Porto Martins Bay (Natural Volcanic Pools). Stop in the city of Praia da Vitória, Nossa Senhora da Imaculada Coração de Maria’s Belvedere (Panoramic view of the city), followed by a walk in the city’s marginal with a visit to the City Hall and the Centennial Matriz Church. Lunch in the Praia da Vitória city center. Climb of the old Serra do Cume volcano (plane of “Manta de Retalhos”), crater of the Guilherme Moniz volcano, visit to the Pico Alto Volcano, with entrance in the Algar do Carvão (only volcano in the world with a visitable interior without the need of auxiliary means). Furnas do Enxofre walk (Small Pedestrian Trail). Stop in the Biscoitos village, watch the Natural Pools (Volcanic Origins) and observation of the traditional vines “Verdelho”, with a visit to the Wine Museum with Terceira Island’s wine tasting. Altares village, stop in the Raminho belvedere (View to the Raminho Planes and a privileged panoramic view to the Central Group Islands). Visit and walk in Reserva Natural da Serreta (Biggest Natural Reserve in the Azores). 5 Ribeiras village with a visit to the Cheese Factory (Queijo Vaquinha) with a tasting of Terceira Island’s typical wine and cheeses. Return to Angra do Heroísmo (World Heritage City) with a passage through Forte São João Baptista (16th and 17th century Filipino Castle Construction) with a stop in Monte Brasil and observation of the fantastic Sunset. Dinner with a traditional Terceira’s animation.
Day 3. TERCEIRA ISLAND (Visit to UNESCO’s World Heritage City – Angra)
Breakfast Buffet. Visit to the city of Angra do Heroísmo revealing the Monuments of the City, the Crafts and the Traditional Flavors. Visit to the São Gonçalo Church (Biggest convent in the region), following the Salão Nobre da Câmara Municipal. Walk in the Public Garden of Duque da Terceira (19th century Romantic Garden). After the walk we stop by the Centennial Bakery “o Forno” with tasting of the Traditional Queijada D. Amélia. Visit to the Santissimo Salvador da Sé church (Azorean Cathedral, built in the 16th century and visited by the Pope João Paulo II). Stop by the Capitães Generais Palace (16th) and visit to the Teatro Angrense (Italian style theater from the 19th century). Visit to Igreja da Misericórdia (place where the first hospital in the region was built), walk by Angra do Heroísmo’s Bay, where the Underwater Archaeological Park is located. Traditional lunch in the city center and free afternoon with the possibility of activities such as: Boat Trips, Whale Watching, Bike Tours, Motorcycle Tours and others.
Day 4. FAIAL ISLAND (Around the Island / Capelinhos’ Interpretation Center)
Breakfast Buffer. Transfer to Lajes’ Airport. Arrival to Faial Island, check-in at the hotel. Start of the Around the Island tour with a stop in Laginha’s Belvedere, followed by a visit to the Parque Natural do Capelo with a visit to the Interpretation Center of the Aquatic Volcano of Capelinhos. Passage through Fajã and North’s beaches. Traditional lunch in the restaurant “O Paquinha”. Continuing our visit with a stop in the beach of Almoxerife (amazing panoramic view to the islands of Pico, São Jorge and Graciosa). We continue to the city of Horta starting the tour in the Jardim Infante D. Henrique with a typical “Snack”, visit to the Jesuítas’ old college, Igreja da Matriz, City Museum and stop by the famous Cafe/Bar “PETER’S” and visit it’s museum Marfim de dentes de Baleia and Porto Pim’s Oceanary Center. Climb of the Monte da Guia (Faial Island’s protected landscape), following into the island’s interior until a higher place, the Caldeira do Faial volcano, with a magnific view to the island interior and it’s neighbor island, into the Flamengos village, dinner in the traditional restaurant “A Avózinha”. Return to the hotel and rest.
Day 5. PICO ISLAND (Around the Island / Observation of the highest point of Portugal)
Breakfast Buffer. Boat Crossing (20 minute duration) of the FAIAL-PICO waterway. Start of the Around the Island tour of Pico known globally for being Portugal’s highest place standing 2.351 meters tall, one of the “7 Wonders of Portugal” and Capital of the Rural Tourism. Visit to Vila da Madalena, through the protected winery landscape (Declared World Heritage by UNESCO), with a stop and visit to the Vila de São Mateus. Contact with local commerce including a local cheese and wine tasting. Followed by the lunch in Vila das Lajes. Visit to Museu dos Baleiros, stop in Vila de S. Roque, with entrance in it’s Museu da Baleia. Visit to “Lugar do Cachorro” (small village of wineries, built in basalt with anciente lava arches), stop in Lugar da Barca, in the bar “Cella Bar” (Considered one of the most idealist bars in the world due to it’s architecture, with an excellent view to the sunset). Return to Faial Island with another crossing of the waterway. Traditional Dinner in the restaurant “Canto da Doca”, arrival at the hotel and rest.
Day 6. S. MIGUEL ISLAND (Sete Cidades Lagoon / Traditional Plantations)
Breakfast Buffet. Walk in the city of Horta. Leaving the hotel and trip to São Miguel. Check-in at the hotel in Ponta Delgada. Lunch in the city’s heart. Visit to pineapple plantations (with tasting of pinapple liquor). Carvão Belvedere with a breathtaking view to the central zone and the narrowest part of the island (8km). Belvedere with a view to one of the Natural Wonders of Portugal – Vista do Rei – the Blue and Green lagoons. Unique perspective of the Sete Cidades Lagoon, and trip down to the interior of the crater with a stop in the Santiago lagoon’s belvedere. Visit to Sete Cidades Village that includes a stop in the cafe near Blue Lagoon. Return to the hotel through the west coast of the island, followed by a dinner in the center of Ponta Delgada. Night walk in the city with a historic contextualization.
Day 7. S. MIGUEL ISLAND (Furnas / Botanical Garden /  Baked in Furnas)
Breakfast Buffet. Trip along the south coast of the island with a visit to Vila Franca do Campo – the first capital of the island. Beginning the “gastronomic experience of the day” with a local bakery “Queijadas da Vila”. Visit to Vale das Furnas considered an authentic garden with it’s lagoon inside a volcano’s crater, with it’s thermal fountains and mineral waters (one of the biggest hidropoles of Europe). Stop by the lagoon to observe the preparation of the lunch. Cozido das Furnas (traditional dish) prepared under the land with volcanic heat. Visit to Caldeiras (fumarolas) in Vila das Furnas, surrounded by over 20 mineral fountains. Traditional Lunch. After a delicious tasting of local vegetables and meats cooked in the heat of the volcano, we will visit one of the most beautiful botanical gardens of Europe – Terra Nostra. Here we can observe incredible avenues, trees and plants from all over the wolrd, over 200 species of camellias and a large pool with hot thermal water rich in iron. On the way back to the city, stop in the Valley and Furnas Lagoon – Pico de Ferro. Visit the the Goreana tea factory. São Miguel is a unique place in Europe where we cultivate tea. The factory produces green and black tea. Here we will have the opportunity to observe the whole process of production. Farewell dinner with animation.
Breakfast Buffer. Check-out and transfer to the airport of João Paulo II. Return trip.

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