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Visit Terceira

Come discover Terceira Island in an unique experience through it’s cultural and natural wonders, escorted by Mário Brandão, a professional fotographer with over 30 years of experience in various areas of fotography.

We prepared this 7 day trip of extraordinary trails perfect for you who are in love with fotography with fotography themes such as:

  • Angra do Heroísmo’s World Heritage Architecture;
  • Landscape through natural and historical spots, nature through caves, grottos, volcanoes, lagoons and islets;
  • Animals in land and sea with birds, whales and dolphins;
  • Culture with churches, governance and lighthouses;
  • Gastronomy through traditional arts and crafts.

A good fotograph doesn’t depend on the machine that we use. We want to feed your passion for fotography, whether with a reflex camera, a compact camera or a cellphone, and enlighten it in this unique fotographic experience through the natural and cultural wonders of Terceira Island.


  • Every transfer and accommodation
  • Professional fotographic escort and workshops dedicated to fotography
  • Every entrance in paid places included in the circuit
  • Every meal indicated in the program
  • Insurance and local guide escort


Day 1.
Arrival and group presentation.


Day 2.

Morning: Fotography Workshop.

Afternoon: Architecture themed fotography – with a visit to World Heritage city Angra do Heroísmo. Visit and regional confectionary tasting.


Day 3.

Full day: Terceira Island Fotography – Complete Around the Island with cultural and historical context, enjoying the natural wonders offered through a perfect harmony between land and sea. Includes traditional lunch in a local restaurant.


Day 4.

Morning: Land Nature Themed Fotography – with a medium/low dificulty pedestrian trail.

Afternoon: Sea Nature Themed Fotography – with a boat ride to the coast and islets with a visit to the natural pools.


Day 5.

Free Morning

Afternoon: Caves, Grottos, Volcanoes and Lagoons themed fotography – Volcanoes Route with a visit to the 4 volcanoes that created the island, going through the interior of the island and entrance in Algar do Carvão and Gruta do Natal. Passage through Lagoa das Patas.


Day 6.

Morning: Sea Life Themed Fotography – Whale Watching with fotography for whales and dolphins.

Afternoon:  Land Life Themed Fotography – Visit to Bird Watching spots.


Day 7.

Morning: Churches and Governances Themed Fotography.

Afternoon: Lighthouses, Gastronomy, Traditional Arts and Crafts Themed Fotography.


Day 8.

Final sharing workshop. Departure.

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  •   BumFit Terceira, Portões de São Pedro Nº 1

  •    295 333 586 / 927 162 739

  •    info@seadventures.eu



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