Arriving Terceira Island


From Europe you may reach Terceira Island (TER) directly using multiple airlines.


The regular flights are operated by the companies TAP, SATA and RYANAIR.


There are also periodic flights operated by AIR BERLIN, TUI, AZORES AIRLINES and PORTUGAL TOURS.


Through the companies PRIMERA AIR, JETAIRFLY and EASYJET you may also reach Terceira by using São Miguel island as a connection point without any extra cost.



Second most populated island of the Azores, with approximately 56 437 residents, Terceira island has 401,9km2 of surface and is 30,1km long and 17,6 wide. It’s located East in comparison to the five other islands of the Central Grupo of the archipelago having it’s highest spot at 1021m of height in Santa Barbara Hill.


Known for it’s patrimony, in the fantastic Terceira Island you live a universe of stories, enjoying the wonderful nature and unique experiences in both sea and land.


From the gastronomy to the festivities, through the adventure and adrenaline without forgetting the sea, accept the challenger: Terceira Island.


  •   BumFit Terceira, Portões de São Pedro Nº 1

  •    295 333 586 / 927 162 739




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